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Iqbal and the Jewel of India

Danish Title: Iqbal & Den Indiske Juvel

Iqbal and his family travel to India because Aunt Fatwa has been selected to be the Guardian of the Jewel – an Indian honorary title. But the trip turns into a nightmare when the Indian Jewel is stolen during the ceremony and is found on Iqbal's Dad. Dad is put in jail and Iqbal and his friends has to come up with their most complicated plan yet. A wild race begins in the streets of New Delhi, in order to find the Indian Jewel and save Iqbal's father.

Producer: Christian Potalivo, Mikael Olsen

Co-Producer: Rakasree Basu

Executive Producer(s): Jonas Allen and Peter Bose

Director: Oliver Zahle

Writer: Mikael Olsen

Cast: Hircano Soares, Liv Leman Brandorf, Saswata Chatterjee

Cinematographer: Martin Top Jacobsen

Editor: Marlene Billie Andreasen

Feature Film | 76 Mins

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