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The Most Beautiful Hands of Delhi

A miniseries in three parts directed by Academy Award nominated Hannes Holm, based on Mikael Bergstrand’s male 'chick lit' books.

Göran Borg is approaching fifty, is tired of his job as a communications officer and loses his permanent employment. Life is not made any easier by the fact he is unable to get over the divorce, which has been a reality for some years. By pure chance, he suddenly gets the opportunity to accompany his tour guide friend to India. By an even greater coincidence, he remains in the country, lodging with a noteworthy family, consisting of a charming but spiteful mother and her irresistible, middle aged son Yogi, who has never moved from home. Göran of course also meets a woman, Preeti. However, it’s not as simple as he would have liked. Preeti is married, and not just with anybody. Her husband is no other than the powerful business executive Vivek.

Producer: Malte Forssell

Line Producer: Rakasree Basu

Executive Producer(s): Gunnar Carlsson and Martin Persson

Director: Hannes Holm

Writer: Hannes Holm and Calle Marthin

Cast: Björn Kjellman, Joy Sengupta, Natasha Jayetileke, Suhasini Mulay

Cinematographer: Mats Axby

Editor: Henrik Källberg

TV Mini-Series | 3 Episodes | 2 hours 55 mins

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